Print Competitions

Participating in Print Competitions

Print competitions are typically held on the first Monday of the month at the regular competition meeting place. Prints have such personality and the maker has much more control over the outcome of the final product, unlike digital projections where the computer, the projector, the screen and other items may have an effect on the displayed image.

The following rules apply to the print competitions:

  1. You have to be present for a picture to be eligible for the competition.
  2. Pictures should be labeled on the upper left-hand corner, indicating the division and category for the image. Details about the label and the categories follow below.
  3. Mount the prints on foam board with or without a mat. The maximum thickness of the foam board is 1/4 inch.
  4. The minimum overall size of the print is 11″x14″ and the maximum size is 16″x20″
  5. Enter a digital version of the image on the club competition site before the cut-off.
  6. Bring the mounted print to the competition night and place it in the provided bin.
© John Klingel

© John Klingel