Digital Competitions

Participating in Digital Competitions

Digital competitions are typically held on the third Monday of the month. MPC owns a high quality, high brightness LCD projector that is used to project images to a final size that will fit in about a 7 foot square space. The projector and computer used for the projection of images is calibrated to come as close as possible to true color reproduction of the images.

The following rules apply to the digital competitions:

  1. You have to be present at the competition to be eligible for your print to be considered.
  2. Images have to be entered through the competition web site before the cut-off time. This is typically 1:30 AM on the Saturday before the competition.
  3. Images have a maximum size of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall. You can resize it in your favorite editing application, otherwise the competition web site will resize them automatically.
  4. All images are converted to the RGB color space to support the RGB projector. You will get more predictable results if you convert the images to RGB space in your favorite editor before entering in the competition.
  5. Competitions are judged in 4 categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master.
  6. Photographers compete in three categories. They include journalism, pictorial, creative and nature. The official rules provide more information about these categories.
© Harvey Abernathey

© Harvey Abernathey